NBA Team Sweep History

Note: The First Round didn’t start until 1975, prior to that the Semifinals was the start of the NBA playoffs.

*Note: The High Seed is the team with Home Court advantage.

Houston Rockets Sweep data

The Houston Rockets were also known as :
  • Houston Rockets
  • San Diego Rockets
RoundFirst RoundSemifinalsConference FinalsLeague FinalsTotal
Total Series32188462
High Seed Sweeps20002
Low Seed Sweeps00011
High Seed Swepts12003
Low Seed Swepts10001

Sweeps By Season (Seasons with no sweeps or swepts are ommited)
SeasonFirst RoundSemifinals Conference FinalsFinalsTotal
1979 Swepts: 10001
1980 Swepts: 01001
1986 Sweeps: 10001
1991 Swepts: 10001
1995 Sweeps: 00011
1996 Swepts: 01001
1997 Sweeps: 10001